(r)e v o l v e

(r)evolve was the ausglass conference held in Canberra, Australia, 26-29 Janaury 2017.  Ausglass is the principal body promoting contemporary glass in Australia. The conference brought together Australian and international glass artists, educators, collectors, enthusiasts and industry representatives in a program of presentations, demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions that focused on the conference themes: create, sustain and evolve.


The Glass Workshop at the School of Art and Design is pleased to announce an evening symposium exploring methods and approaches to cast glass. The Ausglass conference will afford the opportunity to bring together a panel of three key figures working in this medium for a discussion of their studio practice. Cast glass is a complex, layered and considered process that often unfolds over long periods of time.  This symposium is an opportunity to gain detailed insight into how some of the key artists in the field think through and operate within this process.  Individual presentations will be followed by a question and answer session.  The event is free and no registration is required.


  • Karen LaMonte (USA/CZ)
  • Evelyn Dunstan (NZ)
  • Richard Whiteley (AUS)

A Transparent World: Glass for the Non Glassy

Ben Wright (USA)

In this 5-day class, students will work individually, in small groups, and as a whole to find elegantly simple solutions to the complex art problems. Designed for artists and designers with little or no previous glass experience, this class will short cut lengthy learning curves and intelligently introduce a variety of direct paths towards incorporating the fantastic sculptural, physical and optical properties of glass into your existing practice.
The first three days of the class will discuss how best to manipulate the physical properties of glass and expose students to basic glass blowing and hot casting methods as well as cold carving, fabrication and imagery processes.  The final two days will be spent experimenting and applying these new studio tools to individual student’s projects and practices. Although we will cover a lot of technical ground, we will stay grounded in our search for direct form of expression and will embrace the importance of locating art at the intersection of the profound and the absurd.  No Previous glass experience is required but curiosity and pleasure in problem solving are a must.

  • DATES: Tuesday 31 January - Saturday 4 February 2017
  • TIMES: 9am to 4pm, with access to R&D studio space 4-9pm
  • COST: $800 (students enrolled full time in tertiary education program $600).
  • SKILL LEVEL: Beginning & Intermediate
  • EMAIL: Richard Whiteley <richard.whiteley@anu.edu.au>

About Ben Wright:

Ben Wright holds a BS in Evolutionary Biology from Dartmouth College, a BFA in Glass from the Appalachian Center for Crafts, and an MFA from Rhode Island School of Design.  His background in Biology figures strongly in his artwork, which delves deeply into the every evolving relationship between humans and their environment.  Through work ranging from interactive visual installations to sonic landscapes he engages all of his viewer’s senses and often bridges the gap between art and science. 

Wright is both a thinker and a maker who has curated recent exhibitions at Islip museum and the American Museum of glass and has taught his unique approach to art-making at numerous schools including Pilchuck Glass School, Penland School of Craft and the University of the Arts in Philadelphia and abroad in Germany, Turkey, Denmark and Japan.  He is currently the Director of Education at UrbanGlass in Brooklyn, New York.


Evelyn Dunstan (NZ)

This six-day class with internationally renowned artist Evelyn Dunstan will take place in the kiln working facilities of the Glass Workshop of the ANU School of Art and Design. The course will provide students with a comprehensive overview of the creative freedom, versatility and intricacies of lost wax casting. Combining texture, colour, detail and challenging sculptural forms with the depth and dimension light gives to glass, participants will experiment and explore the benefits of Evelyn Dunstan’s methods. As they work through challenges, they will also reflect upon their ideas in group discussions. 

Topics covered will include:

  • Building wax forms: Tricks, short cuts, and the development of skills necessary to work with wax in all its forms, from a hot liquid to cold solid. Techniques relating to manipulation, construction, master moulds and surface treatments will be discussed.
  • Mould making and refractory materials: How to modify refractory materials to suit the aims of individual casting projects, the advantages of different application methods in mould making and their related outcomes.
  • Sustaining a practice: Working effectively and efficiently, recycling, minimising waste and reducing the need for finishing and cold working.
  • Developing new work: Understanding the interaction between materials, techniques and process in individual works to gain control, predictability and precision.
  • DATES: Monday 30 Jan January - Saturday 4 February, 2017
  • TIMES: 9am to 4pm with access to R&D studio space 4-9pm
  • COST: $1,400 (students enrolled full time in tertiary education program $900).
  • SKILL LEVEL: Intermediate
  • EMAIL: Richard Whiteley <richard.whiteley@anu.edu.au>

About Evelyn Dunstan:

Evelyn Dunstan works from her home studio in Auckland New Zealand. Coming from an arts background, Evelyn found her niche with lost-wax kiln casting in 2003, and has since explored the qualities of locally made Gaffer crystal. Modifying materials, techniques and methods, has allowed her to cast fine detail and control colour placement, taking advantage of the creative freedom for conceptual vision and innovation that the lost wax process encourages. 

Evelyn has a passion for her surrounding environment, with her strong focus on ecological concerns influencing both her work and the process of its creation. Her work is displayed in exhibitions, public and private collections around the world and she passes on her unique approach to the lost-wax process teaching in New Zealand, Australia, USA, Turkey and Murano.

www.evelyndunstan.co.nz        www.facebook.com/EvelynDunstanGlass/         www.pinterest.com/evelyndunstan