(r)e v o l v e

(r)evolve was the ausglass conference held in Canberra, Australia, 26-29 Janaury 2017.  Ausglass is the principal body promoting contemporary glass in Australia. The conference brought together Australian and international glass artists, educators, collectors, enthusiasts and industry representatives in a program of presentations, demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions that focused on the conference themes: create, sustain and evolve.

Mount Stromlo Observatory has been carrying out astronomical observations for over 100 years and, prior to the 2003 firestorm, had grown from a small outpost of pioneering astronomers to one of the great observatories of the world.  

Its history includes designing optical munitions during the Second World War, weathering two devastating bushfires and earning one Nobel Prize.  

You’ll get a behind-the-scenes tour through both the research buildings and telescope domes while explaining the science that has been done at Mt Stromlo over the past 100 years.  

On the tour, a guide will also talk about the current science projects being undertake and future plans.  The tour includes viewing the labs where instruments for the Giant Magellan Telescope are being built, a 250kg meteorite and Prof. Brian Schmidt's Nobel Prize.

After the tour, we will - conditions permitting - use the Mt Stromlo Observatory Outreach telescopes to look at craters of the Moon, Jupiter and its moons, as well as clusters of stars, nebulae, and even a few galaxies.