(r)e v o l v e

(r)evolve was the ausglass conference held in Canberra, Australia, 26-29 Janaury 2017.  Ausglass is the principal body promoting contemporary glass in Australia. The conference brought together Australian and international glass artists, educators, collectors, enthusiasts and industry representatives in a program of presentations, demonstrations, workshops and exhibitions that focused on the conference themes: create, sustain and evolve.


Click the image to view/download/print a PDF version of the full program.

Click the image to view/download/print a PDF version of the full program.

The title of the conference - (r)evolve - reflects familiar questions about what the contemporary glass community might do to maintain a healthy and holistic ecology that embraces its history, current makers and the future.

The conference program focused on three themes - create : sustain : evolve.  Each of these was addressed on successive days:

•       create (Friday) looed at the ways artists engage in processes and methodologies to research, reflected on and progress their practice.

•       sustain (Saturday) examined issues of professional practice, in its many contexts, as well as environmental considerations for the production of glass works. 

•       evolve (Sunday) focused on the way artists, institutions and the education and industry sectors develop new frameworks that extend (or delete) the boundaries attached to the medium.

This all meant plenty to do; lectures, demonstrations, lec-mos, gallery exhibitions, trade exhibitors, tours  - and, of course, opportunities to socialize.

The long-established traditions of Conference Exhibition and Auction were highlights of the program; thanks to all who donated to the auction ... which added more than $20,000 to the Vicki Torr Memorial Fund.